Depression (Senryu)

Enclosing darkness

Black hued walls suffocate life

Depression chokes light


This was an attempt to, in a very few powerful words, describe the blackness of bipolar depression.

Senryu:  the style is the same as Haiku but the theme is related to feelings and relationships.


2 thoughts on “Depression (Senryu)

  1. Kira

    powerful poem. The good news is that even the light of a tiny little lightening bug can chase away the darkness! I hope the darkness fades soon sweet friend!


  2. Thanks Kira. You wouldn’t believe what I am going through right now–14 y/o son on drugs and now AWOL, robbery, identity theft, trouble with husband, job trying to get rid of me because I am on OCD and memory drugs. It goes on and on. I think I would be abnormal not to be completely overwhelmed and depressed right now. I am just on the edge. And I leave for camp Friday, so I will not be able to handle anything here while I am gone. I have sobbed all day, and in between been on the phone trying to get some help for these issues. Everyone wants to pass me to someone else. Beyond frustrating.


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