On the Wings of Time

I fly at the speed of light on the wings of time

to blazing galaxies, spiraling, scintillate

all tightly bound by infinite design.

I flee from magnetic fire-filled orbs

spell-bound by desire-drugged sensuous gaze.

I retreat from ardent heart-pounding obsession

rife with soul-rending, long-languished unease.

I escape from memories, fading to grey-shaded pain

a half-life, fissured between what was and what will be

as thoughts recede with time-trialed restrain.

Release this torrent feeling or regret will remain

as temptation catches this time traveler again.


This is an autobiographical poem on relationships.  I allowed my mind free reign and twenty years of regret, temptation and desire poured out of my soul. While I have written over 100 poems (most on my other blog), this is one of my favorites.

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Bipolar Ecstacy (Pleides)

bipolar fairies

Broken dreams, deep despair

Bought with false promises

Bitten twice, hindsight feeds

Bitter consuming thought

Banish saddened pining

Bright effervescent mood

Bipolar ecstasy

This poem focuses on unconstructed thoughts and feelings associated with bipolar disorder based on traumatic life events in my past.

Pleides Poetic form: 7 lines and 6 syllables, the beginning letter of the sentence starts with the same letter as the title.

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Restore Plea

Layers of sadness forestall calm thought

Release blighted day to bright tomorrow

Renew amnesiac regret

Unglue morbid sorrow

Clear accounts deep in dept

Restore time, now stalled

Unseal eyes with future blind

Remove inky black-walled


Renew happy hopes, once mine


Often I wish that I could go back in time and erase mistakes.  I was full of these feelings when I wrote this poem.



I caved to coercion from guilt-laden faults

as you throw silky threats of dire results

to “protect” children you hold dear.

Yet I think that you more fear

the loss of mad reckless spending.

This breach bespeaks half-hearted mending.

You say your forgiveness repaired our  rift.

Yet cold hearted retaliation is your gift.

Emotionally beaten I turn into stone.

“Failure is mine and mine alone”


This is a very personal poem written when stuffed full of anger and unhappiness and needed a release from repressed feelings.

Drudge (Senryu)

 “Marriage unity”

cold passionless home

mean maid and paycheck


I believe that some wifes’ feel this way at some point in the relationship, especially if the husband has other, more important interests.  This was an attempt to describe the feelings of worthlessness and servitude that women feel in very simple form.

Senryu:  the style is the same as Haiku but the theme is related to feelings and relationships.


Chained (Senryu)

Unwilling room mate

Warden chains bind woeful soul

Amicably sad


Sometimes relationships can be amicable on the surface and deeply sad underneath.  One member may feel chained to the relationship due to children or finances.  This was an attempt to describe these complex feelings with word restraint.

Senryu:  the style is the same as Haiku but the theme is related to feelings and relationships.