Chained (Senryu)

Unwilling room mate

Warden chains bind woeful soul

Amicably sad


Sometimes relationships can be amicable on the surface and deeply sad underneath.  One member may feel chained to the relationship due to children or finances.  This was an attempt to describe these complex feelings with word restraint.

Senryu:  the style is the same as Haiku but the theme is related to feelings and relationships.

5 thoughts on “Chained (Senryu)

  1. summerstommy2

    There is something so sad in the term “amicably sad”. In some ways it is an oxymoron but is contains a powerful message and image. Well done Lori.


    1. I am often amicably sad. Bipolar disorder does that to one. Poetry allows one to express feelings that cannot be shared any other way. The greatest gift of this art form, in my opinion.


    1. Why is it that one writes the best stuff when strong negative emotions strike at the soul? When I am happy, I struggle. When I am sad or mad, I can write 5 poems in one day. A bad feedback loop, for then there is a benefit to those feelings.


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