Worlds Apart (Etheree)



Heart woven

Eyes linked to page

Half a world away

Two sides of an earth mold

Our minds dance intricately

Passion spikes with instant response

Words fly through arterial web flow 

You are my Q-R-S; I am your T


Our words reach through untold miles. A loved one can be half a world away yet so close to ones’ heart.

Etheree poem: 10 lines, each syllable increases by one starting with one syllable (or 10 if going the other way).

4 thoughts on “Worlds Apart (Etheree)

    1. In an electrocardiogram, each wave has a letter attached to it. The “P” wave shows the contraction of the atria. The Q-R-S wave shows the contraction of the ventricle. The T wave is the repolarization phase. It was my way of showing that our hearts were linked electrically, a quirky metaphor 🙂 Thanks for asking!


      1. ahhh, that is some heavy stuff for my pwee brain to understand but thanks for taking tell out to at least try, I sort of now understand the particular alphabets used.


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