Anxious Moments (Fibonacci)

of Breath,
forces Terse Awareness.
Harmonious insight eludes….
Unsettled thoughts leap from irritated nerve endings.
Insistant What-How-When-Now intrudes these stygnian synapses with minute distress.


I am anxious, so anxious.  My dad is in ICU in respiratory failure and I feel like I am living in a repeating nightmare that wont end until I get the day right.  I hope that we as a family will make the right decisions for him and not let our own grief prolong suffering if the doctors don’t think he will survive, or survive intact as his neurological status is in question as well.

Fibonacci poetic form: uses the Fibonacci sequence for syllables on each line: 0 or 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21

11 thoughts on “Anxious Moments (Fibonacci)

        1. Yes, dissociating. Better word definitely. You are a counselor, mighty healer and banjo player extroadinaire. Besides a great blogger and blogging friend. Thank God for you Laura.


    1. Yes, I know and he has given me moments of peace, but anxiety intrudes suddenly and at the most aggravating times. I am sure others struggle with this as well, and writing it help clarify the process that makes me anxious.


      1. A Song of Ascents (by King David)
        I lift my eyes to the mountains
        From whence will my help come?
        My help will come from the Lord
        Maker of Heaven and Earth
        The sun shall not blind me by day
        Nor shall the moon at night
        My Lord will protect me from all evil
        He will protect your soul.
        Your Lord will protect your goings and your comings
        From now until forever.

        (translation from the original Hebrew, mine)


        1. Strange that you should send this my way, I have been recording old hymns as a way to cope tonight and many of these phrases are copied into them. I have read this lovely song but never heard the actual music. Have you? Or is it lost? Someday I hope to hear David sing this very song with the original tune.


          1. Yes, we Hebes still sing these songs, which contain all the secrets of existence. Check out Psalm 90, A Song of Moses, Man of God.

            I have a wonderful recording of this particular Song of Ascents, of which there are fifteen, relating to the fifteen steps that connected the Women’s Courtyard to the Main Courtyard in the Holy Temple. These steps are one of the few pieces of the Temple that have not been destroyed by the Muslim Occupiers of the Temple Mount. I have ascended to the Temple Mount and nearly got arrested for looking like I was fixing to pray there. It’s illegal for Jews to pray there.

            Anyway, yes, I have tunes for many of the palms. I can send you some mp3s by PM if you would like. They’re all sung in Hebrew but I can send my translations.

            What we Hebrews do in times of great need is to say the entire book of Psalms, all 151 of them. If someone is really sick we’ll divide up the book among a bunch of women and say them all at the same time.

            Oh I miss my people, I am in such exile here! But am doing my job, and besides I’ve met you, and that’s a great comfort.


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