Birthday (Senryu)

“Celebration’s” here!

Goodbye flashpoint-wasted year

I’m 45 years “young” I fear.

Ungrayed, face unlined,

my skin has not “done its’ time.”

“Years have been too kind”.

Underneath surface real

 Dorian Grey cells reveal….

Ninety years I feel.

Halfway to ninety in years yet so close to it in feeling.  I took a number of liberties with the standard Senryu

Senryu: same as Haiku structure but the theme is generally related to feelings or relationships while Haiku stresses nature



18 thoughts on “Birthday (Senryu)

    1. I hope to follow a grandma I had who had NO wrinkles at 80 years of age. She was a mean old cuss but looked ageless. I don’t go out in the sun much, no melanin in my skin so I burn like a witch in the middle ages…lol


  1. 45? you’re awfully young. but so am i. i believe that you, like Shakespeare’s mysterious Sonnet 18 subject, shall never look like you age…and we shall enthrall you with euphuisms (NOT euphemisms) when you are 80…like: my dear Lori, you are the reflection of every radiant star, the most pleasant perfume ever to fall upon my presence…the essence of every warm heart…the caramel of my apple…


    1. HAHAHAHA….NOT. I have no plans to ever turn 80. They are mostly blind and crabby people who cant remember where they put their pill box.
      What a smoozer you are…’s must be the Irish in you….glib fingers are the root of all evil….LOL. But when I need a pick me up I am definitely coming back to all these lovely untruths, so thank you for the birthday euphuisms. Um…what the heck is a euphuism? I couldn’t find it, or are you messing with my head?


      1. Euphusims were a common practice in Elizabethan England- hence, Shakespeare’s elaborate superlatives toward the woman of his heart in Sonnet 18. It is written that Elisabeth was quite vain- even at 60-70 years old and expected these euphuisms or she would demand the subject “loose his head.” Check out a website on Elizabethan England or shakespeare and they should explain euphuisms better.


        1. LOL I see that you have a load of them all ready to go for when an Elizabeth comes into your sphere! Love it! So an example, if I am on target, would be “dearest your face powder tastes like the sweetest donut fresh from the oven”


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