8 thoughts on “Frosted Snow (Haiku)

    1. I have several coming at ya! Went snow haiku crazy one day. Wrote 10 poems (not all snow haiku, oh help me). Must have been manic for sure. Ever done that before? Not be manic, write loads of poems?


      1. yes, in my younger days…never been manic before…closest time to that would have been when I was in college…drank 2 bottles of Ski and 4 bottles of Double Cola (double the caffeine) and what seemed like 8 pounds of Ramen, then could not sleep for more than 48 days.


    1. LOL, I figured that. Both sound uncomfortable. I have been 4 and 5 days without sleep before. By that time I am trying to wash my clothes in the bathtub I am so loopy. No kidding, I really was that out of it.


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