Felidae (Tanka)

Effortless grandeur
Amorous slinky padfoot
Graceful limbo walk
Ancient rhythms of sine waves
Felidae Familia

The beauty of the cat will always cause my breath to catch in my throat….

For Memoirsofadragon, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.  This poem is written with an attempt to simulate his style and artistry.  While I don’t think I an match his prowess with poetry forms, I do like the results of this effort.  Thank you for always inspiring me, G!

Tanka: a haiku with a syllabic series of 5/7/5/7/7

Picture: www.liveinternet.ru

10 thoughts on “Felidae (Tanka)

    1. I LOVE this picture! And I had a lot of fun going through your site “getting my Greg on” to try and write one a la YOU. Kira thinks I nailed your poetry style with this one 😉 I figured talking about cats, putting in some math and foreign words would be very Greg-like–lol!!!!


  1. Wow…wow…WOW…did I say Wow?!? The image is a perfect compliment to your amazing poem. And it so, echoed Memoirs of a Dragon’s style. Great job. As I’ve said before, you choose such incredible words to express yourself.


    1. I had SO much fun with this one! I went and really delved into his style and chose a theme that I imagined he would explore, with Greg’s love of cats, found latin words, with his love of root words, and even explored math terms, with his love of math! And when I was done I was like……Yea meeee….win, win, win! I’m such a Greg-groupie–lol


        1. And I you! Love it when you post something because I know it will be new or will make me think or admire! We are a treifecta of groupieness. I told Greg in an email that I wish I knew him in real life b/c I would follow him around like his very own padawan! LOL!


    1. Thank you! And no don’t change it, I like yours just the way it is! It isn’t the name….but the person that inspires my limited poetic efforts! LOL I do talk about him a lot don’t I? He is my big brother hero! You are just….my other hero! 🙂


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