Veteran (Etheree)

enclosed in
my ancient shell;
layered painted strips
on tattered peeling walls–
a remnant of yesteryear.
Etched markings give mute testament
when life revolved around my ringtone.
Veteran conversations reverberate.

An Etheree for Voices of Poetry and Prose Photo Prompt Mondays. Go check out her photo!
Etheree: 10 lines with an ascending syllable for each line.

3 thoughts on “Veteran (Etheree)

    1. Off today so I have an advantage over you! I had a vision of what I wanted which fell way short of what I produced. I could feel the layers of history in this picture but my thoughts are a bit jumbled today. What you wrote was closer to what I wanted to say, you wordsmith master! I almost did a nonet as well, but waffled to free verse then when my words failed me I fell back on etheree, which I can usually do with my eyes closed. And HOW am I a Math geek? You take the honors for that Mr Math degree.


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