Seize The Day (Ya-Du)

 Let go, I say,

for today is

a play that steers

your heart.  Hear it?

Dont fear the hour, seize this day….commit!

The Ya-Du is a very difficult poetic form.  Greg, from Memoirsofadragon, used this wonderful guide to help him build his poem and I am stealing it!  It shows exactly what needs to rhyme on what syllable.

This is dedicated to all you patient procrastinators!

O. O. O. a.

O. O. a. O

O. a. O. b

O. O. b. c.

O. b. O. O. O. O. O. O. c. [but can have 5, 7, 9 or 11]


6 thoughts on “Seize The Day (Ya-Du)

    1. I wrote it as a B-day gift to Greg, (Ruth–a word press friend of Kira and me), but sadly he never saw it as he has gone completely underground! So I figured someone else might appreciate it. Kira: Hope you are doing better, I think of you often and you are definitely on my prayer list for healing!


      1. Lori, I’m doing better. They are slowly eliminating one thing after another with the health issues. Thankfully, nothing major has been found 🙂 Thank you so much for your prayers, sweet friend. So Greg has just disappeared on you? Has he done that before? I hope he is okay…


        1. While that is good news, it is frustrating to have symptoms that don’t have an answer! I will keep praying for illumination and healing!
          He has disappeared before but I am a little worried as he told me he was going to email me a bunch of items and then….nothing. If you have a moment can you email him a how are you to see if he is alive and well?
          I miss your poetry blog and was sad to see it gone! I confess that I used the poetry forms page a lot for ideas and inspiration!


          1. It is frustrating, but I’m thankful for everything they eliminate 🙂 How long has it been since you talked with Greg? I didn’t know he’d disappeared from email before, I hope he is okay. I will definitely email and check in to see how he is doing. I will open up one of my blogs that blog so you can still use the poetry forms page 🙂 (I’m not sure which one so I will let you know as soon as I open it.) Now that it’s been awhile I don’t think I will get any traffic. I haven’t really been writing much poetry these days. I’ve been recycling old poetry and adding commentary on how God has changed the situations in my life. I have been feeling an urge to write some poetry lately, so maybe I will do that.
            How are you doing? I think about you often, but stink at emailing 😦 I don’t even check my email – especially since it is no longer on my phone.


            1. Great attitude Kira! By the time I was done all the workup, I was actually glad to have a “real ” diagnosis. Everything negative leads to no answers.
              Last talked to Greg end of July. He was going on a 4 week vacation and said he would email very soon as he finally would have some time. Worrywort me, I fear he’s gotten run over on one of his long biking trips! He disappeared last year right after the divorce for seven months! So probably the same MO, just weirder.
              I had to return to work full time, so no poetry time for me! I have a long queue of poems that are running down while I am too frazzled to think.
              How was your vacation in September? Did you go anywhere? Is your stepdad doing any better?
              A-ha! I had sent you a get well e-card, and Greg had sent you an email but we didn’t hear back from you and now I know why! Email is a blessing and a curse!


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