Values (Ae Freislighhe)

Hollow values inculcate
worship of what is youthful;
populations’ emulate,
repressing what is truthful.

Moral mores educate
masses on what to follow;
yet most try to replicate
beauty blessed by the hollow


This is the  poetry form and it is hard to change it to versification in English so the main concentration is on rhyme scheme and syllables. Basically, it’s a quatrain stanza with 7 syllables per line. Lines 1 and 3 rhyme in three syllable rhymes. While lines 2 and 4 rhyme in two syllable rhymes. The poem should end with the same first syllable, word or line with which it began.  Tough poetry form!

Coitus (Tanka)

We are one tonight

Skin on skin as you thrust in

Interlocked together

Writhing in coital delight

Carry me to blissful heights

Tanka:  an unrhymed Japenese poem with 5 lines in a 5/7/5/7/7 syllable structure.  I took great liberties with theme and rhyme.