3 thoughts on “Aqueous Moonlight (Haiku)

  1. Beautiful, as always! You and Greg with your awesome vocabularies. Then there’s me with my stunted one! lol I emailed Greg, but haven’t heard back from him. I hope he is doing alright!!! You don’t have his phone number or anything, do you? Tell me how you are doing. I know you said work is crazy. I hope it settles down soon. I have an easy new micro-poetry form on my blog that you should check out. With your vocabulary you would knock it out of the park! Take care my friend. xoxo


    1. My WP account is messed up, so havent been able to check for some time. Using another browser has let me get into my account but now I have to deal with computer issues! Grrr…..
      No info at all for Greg. I hope he is ok. We could send a letter to the help center at his work, LOL! That is all I can think of…….Do you have a blog up and running again? Which one? I will look at your new poetry form–I need something to get out of my lethargy!


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