Disassembled Debris (Pleides)

Disassembled debris
Draconian anger
Dreary with drudgery
Dragged down….. dusty soiled wings
Disappointed dreamer
Delusions’ ball and chain
Depression signs its’ name

I hate mess and little thankless tasks that make me feel like a drudge. Over time I get mad and feel dragged into a grey life where everything becomes a task or obligation and I begin to regret all my decisions related to how I got to be where I am in my life. Breaking that chain is very difficult but essential if I am to ever have peace in my heart.

Picture: gyermekmesek.blogspot.com

Pleiades: The title is one word.  The first word of the sentence matches the first word in the single title. All first words start with the same letter as the title.  There are 7 lines, each 6 syllables!