Vermillion Love (Free Verse)

 My cracked lips stretch

to meet your rainbow smiles,

a dried rubber band,

unpliant and resistant

to the winsome curves

of your vermillion mouth.


My parched throat seizes

as your perfect lips tick upward,

and my name carpets your tongue,

joined as one to your breath,

as you graciously acknowledge

my insolvent existence.

My heart, woefully woven

with shards of broken experiences,

flutters to the thrum of your approach.

You pass by on that whisper of wind,

my name hanging in the air

as, snockered by your virility,

 I bow my head in pain….

Another piercing shard

 drives its way home.


To all the lost moments and all the heart piercing shards….

3 thoughts on “Vermillion Love (Free Verse)

  1. You have a way of capturing a moment with description that makes the words flow off my tongue. It is such a beautiful thing, the way you suck in a reader with phrases such as “winsome curves of your vermillion mouth” or “You pass by on that whisper of wind,my name hanging in the air.” I feel the disappointment and heartbreak and it just tugs up some memories.


    1. Wow, I am humbled by this comment! I really appreciate that. I write almost as a different person, and when I am done and read it back, I sometimes fail to recognize myself as the writer. A catharsis for sure. I have several medical problems and a very stressful job so I am thankful for the outlet. LOL–I never suffer from a lack of angst filled moments to theme my poetry!! 🙂


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