Ode to Tee Pee

Im rich in a commodity few now share
that humbly cleaned both nose and bum.
An item once flushed without care!
But now is more worthy than gold to some.
TP, a moniker with little flair
names a product of wood pulp and gum.
Yet when supply becomes threadbare
our faces turn long and glum.

Where to turn, our national cry,
with crazed rush from store to store.
In a collective mad rush to buy
we create a surge-market uproar.
We morn what was a great supply
and yearn for shelves restored
with pruny faces and stinky eyes
and yell at those who hoard!

For I fear we have fallen prey
to love convenience at any cost.
It is why we feel such a loss
over a product we throw away.

Just had to do it!  My brain was screaming for tongue in cheek humor after all the dark poetry that woke me up at night.  It was a great release, I encourage you all to come up with humor in the dark.

Make a Forlorn Fairy Smile

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