Doppleganger (Free Verse)

Despair, that monster within

feeds with frenzied ferocity

leaving me hollow….

a discarded snake skin,

crinkled and transparent.

Its’ distorted corpulence

overfills my shell

as I, crippled and unwell,

shoulder its’ burdensome voracity

 and starve by infinite degrees.

My hollow smile sickly swells,

announcing my perditious state,

as your eyes slither away…..

for pretense must be obeyed.

Vermillion Love (Free Verse)

 My cracked lips stretch

to meet your rainbow smiles,

a dried rubber band,

unpliant and resistant

to the winsome curves

of your vermillion mouth.


My parched throat seizes

as your perfect lips tick upward,

and my name carpets your tongue,

joined as one to your breath,

as you graciously acknowledge

my insolvent existence.

My heart, woefully woven

with shards of broken experiences,

flutters to the thrum of your approach.

You pass by on that whisper of wind,

my name hanging in the air

as, snockered by your virility,

 I bow my head in pain….

Another piercing shard

 drives its way home.


To all the lost moments and all the heart piercing shards….

Stand (Free Verse)

when dirt and detritus mar your clean image
when storms rage and acid rain pits your pristine walls
when the weight of the world breaks through your surface

and allow the fullness of time to soften your edges
and allow your pilings to resist the forces of water
and allow the weight of weary travelers to rest on your back

so I can breach the chasm between Here and There
so I can peek over your side, safe from silent currents
so I can pretend we have conquered the natural elements

♦                                         ♦                                                   ♦

Poem #2 for Voices of Poetry and Prose Photo Prompt Mondays. Can you guess what it is? Go check her photo out! Then go to my other blog and see my OTHER poem! LOL, I had time on my hands today at the orthodontists’ office…..

faiLURE (free verse)

Monument of success

you stand aloof

taunting me to stay away

like a recurrent dream

remembered at the very scene

where I cut you off

yet again and again replay…..

If I could discard this iron chain–

this failure

and, like its’ name

LURE it into a sulfurous pit

my mind’s disquiet would regress

and I would seek what I now avoid.

No more would failure’s distress

LURE ME into a vacuous void

full of sighs and one word….QUIT

I am very upset with myself.  I have had intense anxiety since my dad died and have allowed it to stop me from trying something new.  I feel like a failure for allowing it to control my life.  I need to take control back.  I need confidence that life will be ok without him.  I need to let go of my fears and embrace trying something new with a feeling of anticipation and not dread.



Im falling into

a deep abyss,

blind blackness

smothering my air.

My hold loosens

on fairys’ golden thread,

my hands slipping

toward it’s visible end.

I release,

as burning pain

breaks my hold….

Free falling,

I cannot touch the sides

as I bullet

down the abyss

toward Misery’s black hole.

To slow downward spiral…

To grasp the golden rope…

To see glowing light….

To fly upward

with gossamer wings……

∞ π ∞

Sometimes I feel like I am free falling into a black hole…….


On the Wings of Time

I fly at the speed of light on the wings of time

to blazing galaxies, spiraling, scintillate

all tightly bound by infinite design.

I flee from magnetic fire-filled orbs

spell-bound by desire-drugged sensuous gaze.

I retreat from ardent heart-pounding obsession

rife with soul-rending, long-languished unease.

I escape from memories, fading to grey-shaded pain

a half-life, fissured between what was and what will be

as thoughts recede with time-trialed restrain.

Release this torrent feeling or regret will remain

as temptation catches this time traveler again.


This is an autobiographical poem on relationships.  I allowed my mind free reign and twenty years of regret, temptation and desire poured out of my soul. While I have written over 100 poems (most on my other blog), this is one of my favorites.