Fractal Thinking (Senryu)

fractal art wormhole

Bound by fractal  ties

An oubliette prisoner

Turbulent thinking


Fractal: A geometric pattern that is repeated at ever smaller scales to produce irregular shapes and surfaces that cannot be represented by classical geometry. Fractals are used especially in computer modeling of irregular patterns and structures in nature.

Sometimes I feel like I am in a fractal world, a maze or oubliette that goes round and round and never straightens out into a line with the door at the end.  Do you ever feel that way?

Senryu: same as Haiku structure but the theme is generally related to relationships or feelings while Haiku stresses nature

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Greyscale (Acrostic)

Grief, inherently mine,
Reaches into my mind’s
Eye, as color-leached
Yearning fades to greys.
Softened, muted, faded me,
Collated from a series of
Aging events, articulates
Loss, unleavened and undefined.
Eternally greyscaled, my disordered mind.

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Acrostic: a poetry form where the first letter in the line spells out a word by the end of the poem that is related to the theme of the rhyme.

Fatigue (Pleides)

Fatigue….. my fatal friend

   Forged from spirit rended

  Feeble fight weakly fends

  Failed anchor drifts again

          Forlorn thoughts must amend

        Faith empowers….thoughts transcend

          Frail mind will someday mend


Everyone, at some point in their life, experiences soul rending fatigue .  Thoughts drift towards dark hopelessness.  Yet there is hope for a brighter tomorrow.  I know that Faith and Prayer can change my heart when it is full with aching sadness.

“F” words make for great pleides.  I have grown to appreciate them through cognitive testing, as one of the tests is to see how many “f” words  I can say in one minute.  At first, my mind just wouldn’t give me any, other then the overused “fuuuuuuuccccckkkk”, which ran around and around my mind as I struggled for “furniture” and “flower”.  Ever determined, I decided to study “F” words for poetic forms.  And that, coupled with my mood on the day of creation, made this poem.  I was successful in finding “f” words appropriate for the start of this poetic form, AND I was able to rhyme a pleides, not easy to do (!), so silver linings are intact and beautiful!  Although…don’t ask me to find another word that ends in, well,  END!