Snowflake (Cinquain)

crystal frailty
sparkle dusted dewdrop
floats down on white lace pointed wings…..
Fairy Dance

I love snowflakes. My favorite poem is a children’s tale I wrote when  I was 16.  You can read it HERE if you wish.  Snowflakes are the last vestiges of magic left to us in this often dreary world.  Tiny sparkling latticed stars floating with the breeze.  Take a moment to really look at one just once this winter and fall in love with them.


Cinquain: 5 row syllable verse with 2,4,6,8,2 syllables to each line in this order

Dragonbane (Senryu)

Worthless   litter   dust

ignites……. soft heart into……glass

breath   of   a…. dragon

When one is made to feel as worthless as litter, it doesn’t take many hot words to feel ones’ heart turn into fragile glass.

Senryu:  the style is the same as Haiku but the theme is related to feelings and relationships.