Frayed Grey Days

As icy rain falls and clouds collide

Visibility disappears in the frozen fog

Temperatures, now negative on the Farmer’s log….

Depression’s chill seeps deep inside


Deep blanketed coverings warm my body well

Darjeeling steeped to the third degree

A smile, priceless, when once so free

Nothing warms this mad winter spell


With bleak eyed, blank-walled stare

my IQ is suspended as I “rain on my own parade.”

Zombie like, a death walk through the shadow glade

and my armor of cheer, stripped bare.


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Trapped Behind the Veil (Haiku stanzas)

Trapped in fog-filled days

Rain saturates flesh and bone

Lassitude kills will


Brain soggy and dull

I float in this dreamland lull

Life behind the veil


Gray landscaped canvas

Deepest dark green grass gives hope

Bright-hued skies…..someday

For those affected by the weather sunny skies will come again.

Haiku: three line stanza in a 5-7-5 syllabic structure.  The theme is generally related to nature.